What is 112?

What is 112?

112 is the single European emergency telephone number, available throughout the EU, free of charge.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. It can happen when you are visiting an EU country or at home. If you are involved, or witness, an accident, witness a fire or a burglary on the premises, would you know which emergency number to call? Accessible from landlines and mobiles - 112

You can call 112: - To contact any emergency service; - In any EU country; - From landlines, including public telephones or mobile phones; - It is free.

When should you call 112? You can call 112 in any emergency that requires an ambulance, fire service or police. For example, if you witness a serious road accident, observe a burning building or a house to be broken into.

Do not call 112 for traffic information, weather forecasts, general information, and inquiries. Unnecessary calls can overwhelm the system and endanger the lives of those who really need emergency help. False calls can also affect the response to real emergencies.

What happens when you turn on 112? A properly trained operator will answer your call. Depending on the type of emergency the operator can handle your request or transfer to a more appropriate emergency service, for example to a doctor in case of illness or trauma.

During the service will be requested your address and contact number. It is necessary to identify the users to avoid recording duplicate occurrences. Do not turn off even if you turn on 112 by mistake! Tell the operator that everything is OK and that it was a mistake. Otherwise assistance means may be sent to verify that all is well.




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