I would like to start by saying that some countries from South America have a list of pre-approved insurances. That is the case of Ecuador and Colombia. In that case, use of the insurances recommended by the embassy.

Due to my profession, I am always looking for the less expensive options for my clients in terms of travel insurances, notaries, translations and so on… Regarding travel insurances, the best one I was able to find so far is the AXA Schengen Visa.

This insurance fulfills all consulate’s requirements:

- Cover of at least 30.000€

- Repatriation of the body

- Valid for all Schengen countries

Another thing that I like is the fact that we can do everything online and the documents we need are sent to our email address almost immediately.

But not everything is amazing! Their website has a calculator, where you insert your days of stay and it says the amount you will pay for the insurance. If you choose more than 90 days and up to 180 days, the price is always the same – 168€ per person. Sometimes the calculator does not work correctly, so make sure the dates are correct before you pay.

At this point you may be thinking that you are applying for residency, so which dates are you supposed to insert?

The travel insurance must be valid from the date you move to Portugal with your residence visa approved (the estimated arrival date you inserted in the application form) and valid for 6 months. This is what VFS is requesting at the time in San Francisco and Washington DC. The consulate in Boston usually accepts a travel insurance for 4 months. Still, since the cost for 4 or 6 months is the same, why not?

Conclusion: First check if the consulate has a list of insurances they recommend. If not, do your own research, having in mind that a good travel insurance costs 168€. If you find something similar for a better price, and that fulfills all requirements, choose that one. Don’t forget to be careful when you insert the dates.

Then just print the policy and include it in your visa application folder.

Safe travels!




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