The transport network in Lisbon

Carris (Bus)

Carris has a service – Bike Bus – where bicycles may be brought on five buses (708, 723, 724, 725, 731) prepared for its transportation. The procedures to be considered can be found here.

In the other buses bicycle transport is only permitted to folding bikes.

CP (Lisbon urban trains)

The Lisbon urban trains call at 67 stations on the following lines: Sintra line, Azambuja line, Cascais line and Sado line.

Timetables and prices can be found on the website of the company and the network diagram of the urban trains in Lisbon can be found here.

Bike transport is free every day and at all times on the Lisbon urban trains on all lines.

You can also leave your bike at one of the bike parks at the stations on the Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja and Sado. For more informations, see here.

Metropolitano de Lisboa

In the Metropolitano de Lisboa is possible to transport bicycles. Among other conditions, it is only allowed to transport a bicycle per passenger and can only be transported two bicycles per vehicle, only if there are no large crowds of passengers. For more information see here (file in Portuguese).

Fertagus (Lisboa/Setúbal train)

The free transportation of bicycles is permitted on Fertagus trains, every day of the week except when there are large crowds of passengers on the platforms or inside the trains. In the case of the latter, bicycle users should wait to the end of the crowd and follow the instructions given to them by Fertagus employees for this purpose. See more here.

The Fertagus network diagram can be found here, train timetables are available on the website of Fertagus in Timetables tab and prices in Fares tab.

You can easily park your bicycle at the entrance of Fertagus stations, except at Roma-Areeiro, using the bike racks intended for this purpose, in order to facilitate your journey to go to study or work.

Where you can transport your bike

Metro Transportes do Sul

Bicycle transport is free in MTS vehicles every day of the week except when there are large passenger’s agglomerations.

Each passenger may carry only one bicycle and the maximum capacity is two bikes per vehicle.

Transtejo/Soflusa (Lisboa/Margem Sul boat)

Bicycle transport is free in all the river links, under certain conditions and payloads. See more here.

In the terminals of the Transtejo/Soflusa there are parking facilities for bicycles. To know where see here.


Bicycles, for personal use, can only be transported if they are articulated or folding bikes and weight cannot exceed 20 kg, ie, when the bicycle can be regarded as equivalent to luggage and allow for easy packing and storage on site for the luggage.

The transport of the bicycle is free.

In the webpage of the company you can see the network diagram in Network Map tab, the timetables in Routes and schedules tab and tariffs in Tickets and fares tab.


Currently Mafrense has a network of 33 races on routes in the municipalities of Mafra, Sintra, Torres Vedras, Loures and Lisboa.

Bicycle transport is possible since the bus has luggage compartment with space available. For more information, check here (file in Portuguese).





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