If you are a foreign citizen, need to apply for the Tax number in Portugal (NIF), you can do it at any tax office.

If you are an European citizen, simply present your ID card, and proof of address of your residence in Europe.

If you are from a non-European country, you need to have a person who will be your Tax Representative in Portugal (European citizen with permanent residence in Portugal).

You will he asked to show:

- Your passport,

- proof of address in your home country

- stamp proving the legal entry in the. If you have just arrived and have no stamp, you have 3 days to go to SEF and register your arrival.

Your tax representative will receive all emails or letters sent by the tax office until you get your residence card. You can then cancel the tax representation, in any tax office, by presenting your residence card.

You can also apply for the Tax Id Number (NIF) before coming to Portugal. You will need to prepare a certified copy of the passport, a document with your current address, and a power of attorney.

For any questions or if you need help requesting your tax number, send us a message.