Starting from June 25, animals are allowed to enter restaurants

The Association of Hospitality, Catering and Restaurants of Portugal (AHRESP) said on Friday that "the lack of clarity of the law" and "the responsibility it can generate for owners of establishments, especially in terms of hygiene and food safety", should lead to many not joining pets in bars and restaurants.

"This is a subject that should have been deeply considered and should have taken into account the concerns of the industry. We believe that, for these reasons, a large part of the restaurants will not adhere to the permit," said the secretary general of AHRESP, Ana Jacinto.

Ana Jacinto warns, on the other hand, that "owners who decide to join can not ignore that they are taking responsibility for the presence of animals in their establishment." With the objective of complying with the law, AHRESP produced, for free distribution to its members, a specific label for establishments that choose to allow the entry and stay of companion animals, which has already obtained the agreement of the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE).

The hotel and restaurant industry has made it clear to its members that if they wish to refuse entry of animals, they just need to maintain the current prohibition label.

A maximum number of animals can be set by the restaurant in order to "safeguard its normal functioning". The animals will have to be trapped, "with a short leash", and "cannot move freely" and their presence is forbiden in the service zone or where food is prepared. The owner of the establishment may also establish an area reserved for guests with animals or allow them to be present throughout the space.

Source: Lusa




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