Simplex+ 2018: Portuguese Government launches "citizen card" for internationals residing in Portugal

In the framework of the Simplex + 2018, the Government will launch a new "Citizen's Card" for immigrants, which includes fiscal identification, social security and national health system.

Meeting all the requirements for residency in Portugal is not an easy process. Who says it is the Assistant Secretary of State for the Administrative Modernization to ECO. Graça Fonseca explains that is exactly why the Government will create a kind of "citizen's card" for foreigners who live in Portugal. This card, released under the Simplex + 2018 program, will include the tax identification numbers, social security numbers and the National Health Service number (SNS).

Can the new card add a degree of complexity and delay this process? The Secretary of State rejects this conclusion and says that the measure presented, this Wednesday, "will have no impact on the process of obtaining the residence permit”.





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