Portuguese consulates overseas to accept documentation in other languages

Portuguese consulates in foreign countries are soon to start accepting documents in English, Spanish and French, meaning citizens will no longer need to embark on the costly process of getting their paperwork translated.

The move was announced last week by the State Secretary for Communities, José Luís Carneiro, during a visit to mark Emigrant’s Day in the northern Portuguese municipality of Murça. The measure is also designed to make consular proceedings simpler and speedier. During his visit to Murça last Friday, José Luís Carneiro highlighted another measure that also facilitates the relationship of Portuguese residents abroad with consular branches: the validity of the national Citizen’s Card has been extended from five years to 10 years. “This means holders will not have to go to consular branches as often”, José Luís Carneiro said.

Source: www.theportugalnews.com




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