The new Regulatory Decree of the Legal Regime for entry, stay, departure and removal of foreign citizens of the national territory was published in the Diário da República and meets the objectives that were the basis of the amendments to the Aliens Act in 2017.

The new regulations make it possible to speed up, reduce bureaucracy and make the procedures for visa applications and residence permits more flexible, namely:

a) Introduces a more simplified regime for students who wish to attend professional education courses in Portugal and for highly qualified entrepreneurial immigrants in order to make the new business models related to entrepreneurship, technology and innovation more attractive, difficulties experienced by companies in this field (Startup Visa) b) It simplifies the residence scheme for seasonal workers and introduces a new scheme for workers transferred from other Member States, provided that they are integrated into the company frameworks. c) Streamlines and simplifies the granting of residence permits for those who wish to study in higher education. In this way, a more favorable treatment was introduced for students from the CPLP States, employees, self-employed workers.

The Aliens Act also allowed national legislation to be adapted to new economic and social dynamics: - Procedures are based on digital presentation and, whenever legally possible, the face-to-face interview mechanism is dispensed at a consulate. - In the situations in which you are informed of the date of travel, the Aliens and Borders Service will provide, in the positive opinions regarding residence visas, the date of the appointment at SEF. The applicant is thus exempted from scheduling once in the national territory. - The schedules for the granting and renewal of the residence permit may be made, at the request of the applicant, to any regional direction / delegation, thus allowing for the anticipation of deadlines. - SEF will use the documents already in its workflow, in all the processes of granting and renewing the residence permit, thus avoiding that they are again required of the applicants.

The diploma now published will allow the regularization of immigrants who are already in Portugal for humanitarian reasons, whenever it proves the existence of an insertion in the labor market with discounts for social security, for a period of more than one year. The Government recognizes in its Program that we are facing a demographic challenge. Thus, the whole strategy of the Government in the area of migration is to promote the attraction of immigrants, through legal immigration channels, the development of an intercultural society and to deepen the integration of immigrants in Portuguese society.





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