Of almost six thousand applications, only nine were destined to job creation. The Left Block talks about corruption, money laundering, and financial discrimination.

The Left Block has defended several times the end of the golden visas. The party wants to end the Residence Permit for Investment Activity program in force since 2012, believing that they are a source of corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement, money laundering, tax and criminal offenses and financial discrimination. Therefore, the Left Block take to the Assembly of the Republic on Thursday, June 14, a bill to end the so-called golden visas.

The deputy José Manuel Pureza says "between February and March this year, of the 5717 applications for golden visa, 5553 were for real estate investment." Only nine of these requests were aimed at job creation, with the vast majority being for real estate investment, which, according to the deputy, contributes to speculation and price escalation in the sector . "We are talking about the investment made by the elites, the oligarchies of countries, such as China, where the overwhelming majority of requests come from, Russia, Angola ..."

The Left Block also points out the dichotomies registered between these requests and the "calvary of more than 30 thousand immigrants who are condemned to remain in irregularity in the country." "This duplicity is obscene. It is the opposite of the 'Portugal champion of human rights' speech," adds the deputy.

In March, the golden visas were presented by the heads of the various organizations that make up the new Brussels Global Anti-Corruption Consortium as paradigmatic of failures in terms of scrutiny, due diligence issues and transparency.

SOURCE: www.publico.pt/




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