Portuguese Citizenship

If you have lived in Portugal for six years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship if you meet the following requirements:

  • Have sufficient knowledge of Portuguese language (proven with a certificate or test);

  • Have not been convicted of a crime punishable by a jail sentence of three years or more.

We can submit the Portuguese citizenship application on your behalf. 

The following documentation will be required:

  • form provided by the Central Registry Office

  • birth certificate

  • proof of sufficient knowledge of Portuguese language (A2 level)

  • passport/travel ID

  • details of current residence permit

  • details of date and place of birth, occupation, current residence and list of countries previously resided in

  • criminal record certificate

  • document issued by the SEF proving that you have been legally resident in Portugal for at least six years.

Please notice that the currently IRN is taking around 1 year to give an answer to such request. 

If you need further information, or if you want to start your application process, please contact us