Article 89 - Residence Permit for Entrepreneur Immigrants (set up a company or enroll as a freelancer). 



Eligible citizens: All foreign nationals who are not nationals of EU Member States, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, and wish to pursue an independent activity in Portugal.

It is possible to apply for a residence card in Portugal, still, it should be your option only if you cannot apply from your home country. This application is going to be more expensive and will take much longer (around 18 months). During these 18 months, and as soon as your stay as tourist ends (90 days maximum), you will not be able to leave Portugal until you have your residence card approval.

Make sure you can stay at least 1 year without traveling anywhere before you choose this option.


If this is the right option for you, you will have to:

  • Get a Portuguese tax number (NIF);

  • Enroll as a freelancer at the tax office or set up a company;

    • If you set up a company, then you must find an accountant (and pay him monthly) and open a bank account for the company.

  • Enroll for social security; 

    • If you enroll as a freelancer, you are exempted from social security payments for 1 year. If you set up a company, you must start paying immediately. 

  • Get some Portuguese clients (when you apply, you will have to nominate at least one of your Portuguese clients, regardless if you are a freelancer or business owner.

Additionally, in both cases, you will have to add:

  • Proof of accommodation;

  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence;  

  • Criminal record from home country translated and with apostille;

  • Proof of legal entrance in Portugal.


If this is an option that interests you, contact us by email at or book a consultation.